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Bite-sized news about Kiss Linux and its development.

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-- OpenSSL 3.0.0 Soon ----------------------------------------------------------

  The OpenSSL package will be updated to version 3.0. This has been confirmed to
  work with all packages in the official repositories. The change will be made
  in a week (18/09/2021). NOTE: This is a breaking change. All packages
  depending on OpenSSL must be rebuilt.


Packages using rust in the official repositories (firefox, cbindgen, rust) now
have absolute paths to build directories in their binaries trimmed away.

Before: /home/user/.cache/kiss/proc/0000/build/rust/src/...file.rs
After:  ./src/...file.rs

Rust binaries include absolute paths to source files as part of panic messages
(seen with 'strings /path/to/file | grep -F .rs'). If cbindgen is built inside
$HOME, the resulting binary will include the absolute path to the home directory
and the location where the package was built.

Stripping the binary has no effect and neither does setting panic=abort or other
such things. Instead, --remap-path-prefix can be used (by setting RUSTFLAGS in
applicable build files) to convert all absolute paths to relative ones.

|                                                                              |
| # Inside package build file.                                                 |
| export RUSTFLAGS="$RUSTFLAGS --remap-path-prefix=$PWD=."                     |
|                                                                              |

This (or an equivalency) may become the default upstream behavior in the future.
Read the following links for more information.



s6 pid 1


-- Git Source Caching ----------------------------------------------------------

  I have opened a pull request with Git source caching support. This removes the
  need to re-clone whole repositories on each build with the package manager
  pulling stuff down only when needed. $/kisslinux/kiss/pull/261

  1. If a repository does not exist in the sources cache it is initialized and
     then pulled down as shallowly as possible.

  2. If the source tracks latest commit or a specific branch/tag, the package
     manager will pull changes every build.

  3. If the source tracks a specific commit, the commit will be pulled once and
     every subsequent build will only do a checkout.

  Try it out and let me know how it goes.


* All package documentation pages now also include the git commit log as well
  as the package version (linking to the latest repository files).

* This tidbits page now has an RSS feed and the website now makes use of
  "RSS Auto-discovery".


Welcome to the new website. It is not 100% complete yet but at a stage where I
am happy for it to replace the previous one. So, expect further changes to the
site for a little while.

The new Wiki contains a page for every package in the repositories. Some of
these pages are rather bare but this will improve alongside the existing manual
page effort $/kisslinux/repo/issues/273

Expect more frequent updates from me about KISS in this new tidbits page. I will
also be adding an RSS feed here for folks interested. If there are any issues
with the new website, let me know @/contact

PS The new FAQ page at @/answers needs filling in. Send me questions and
   (if suitable) I will answer them on this page.

PPS The README files for each package will be checked into the repository
    shortly. For now they exist solely on the website.


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